Oś czasu świata anomalii



Powyższy manuskrypt znaleziono w domu ████ McArthura, historyka, który wcześniej wykonywał zlecenia dla Autorytetu w zakresie swojej specjalności. Bez naszej wiedzy wykorzystał udzielone mu poświadczenie bezpieczeństwa w archiwum, by wyśledzić naszą działalność i nasze początki do czasów starożytnych. Manuskrypt został znaleziony przez młodszego badacza, a McArthur w czasie przesłuchania wyznał, że miał zamiar pracę obpulikować. Mężczyźnie zaaplikowano preparat amnezyjny, a efekty jego pracy zostały skonfiskowane. Poniższy maniskrypt stanowi jedyny zarchiwizowany utwór i dostępny jest on dla pracowników z poświadczeniem bezpieczeństwa poziomu 3. lub wyższego. — DG-01

Starożytne organizacje i Synowie Herkulesa: Synowie Herkulesa zostali utworzeni przez generałów i legionistów Cesarstwa Rzymskiego celem niszczenia lub zabezpieczania anomalii. Według wszystkich znanych zapisów stanowili oni pierwszą organizację międzynarodową, zazwyczaj działającą w miejscach podbitych, a formacją elitarną znajdującą się w samym Rzymie. Zapisy nie wskazują w sposób oczywisty, kiedy doszło do powstania tej organizacji: przed, podczas czy po reżimie Cezara w charakterze pierwszego Cesarza Rzymskiego. W wiadomościach od oficerów pojawiają się wzmianku, iż wielu niewolników wykorzystywano jako prymitywną wersję CSD Autorytetu, ze znacznie wyższym współczynnikiem śmiertelności. Synowie Herkulesa najwyraźniej próbowali sprzymierzać się ze rdzennymi opiekunami anomalii, jeśli negocjacje mogły mieć miejsce, a zniszczenie anomalii było niemożliwe.

A crucial turn in the goals of the Organisation came about with the invasion of Greece with the assimilation of a Greek organisation. This organisation was founded by various scholars and philosophers dedicated to understanding and using anomalies (could explain why their civilisation was so advanced). This was merged into the Roman Vanguard after the empire’s expansion into Greece, thus began the use of slaves as more than feeding items/hazardous removal for anomalies, now they used them for testing. (records indicate some altercations between The Vanguard and various emperors. Which ones, though are so far undetermined). Records do indicate however vast storehouses containing various Anomalies and secluded in various outposts. Many of these warehouses have been looted, however The Authority have found many ancient anomalies still hidden inside.

Some rival Organisations mentioned in sources seem to be Carthaginian anomalous keepers (possibly an ancient order though no official records exist on this matter), the apostles of Jesus, Gaul druids, the sorcerers of Brittanica and Egyptian cults.

Czasy średniowiecza i renesansu:

With the fall of the Roman Empire, The Sons of Hercules was unofficially dissolved, with small groups from the organisation still around for containing/neutralising anomalies. During the Dark Ages and due to the spread of Catholicism, anomalies were seen as either Holy or Satanic and various anomalous humanoids were considered either cursed or witches. There were a few medieval vanguards created out of the remnants of the Roman Organisation and they protected/used “holy” items and destroyed/contained "Satanic" items. Many of them lived nomadically, roaming around and destroying anomalies where they could.

With the 1st Crusade, all knights in Europe were joined by the Pope to take back the holy land from the Sacrean Military, even the knights of the roaming Vanguards. They all pledged allegiance to the Vatican/Pope and all Vanguards merged into the Auctoritas Impertus. There are some anomalies recorded to have been discovered/awoken by the Crusades (with one of the strongest sources mentioning the box of Pandora). With the conclusion of the 1st Crusade, a sect of elite knights split off, claiming the Vatican’s bias to “Satanic items” (despite some having a helpful nature) was irresponsible and they created a small Mercenary Vanguard that existed until the 1800’s.

With the Protestant Reformation, a rivalling religious faction was created, hereby named The Union. The Union was initially created as a response to the Auctoritas, with many unhappy with the suppression of anomalous activity and knowledge of the anomalous. Due to the loss of the Vatican’s power throughout the years the Union quickly became large enough to rival the Auctoritas. A small but secret war occurred, which is suddenly brought to a halt in the late 1700's (All records seem to point to something called "The Anti-Christ”).

Soon after the supposed defeat of the anomaly, an agreement was reached with the Union and the Auctoritas to form a stronger force to deal with anomalies. While few in The Union agreed to establish the Authority, a majority of members left to establish a presence in the Americas. The planning and creation of the Authority took the rest of the century, with multiple meetings occurring and various disagreements taking years to resolve. Eventually, both parites agree to propose this to the British royal family and they agree to help. The mercenaries are persuaded back and remerged into their 1st MST, The Angels of Eden.

XIX wiek i powstanie Autorytetu:

The British Royal family use their influence to pull imperial guards and remnants of the French Imperial Army to help create the Authority’s military similar to the Roman Vanguard. They appointed a Global Leaders (later changed during the 50’s to Global Directors) from every part of the empire and ensured that the directors could run the Authority with no biases to benefit any country in case of an uprising.

During the Mid 1800’s, a declaration of manifest was allowed, giving the Authority permission to secretly work in countries and colonies outside of Britain’s reign and bring back anomalies to contain. This proved incredibly dangerous with the first ever establishment of the American branch, which was continuously harassed and persecuted by the Union. The Union, believing in sovereignty, attempted to destroy any Authority sites established. To the outside world this was seen as mass religious persecution, which was only ended with a negotiation and treaty signing. Hostilities between the Authority and The Union would stay, even as the Authority eventually obscured the Union during the following years to only occupy fringe groups and eventually blend in with newer forming Protestant groups, effectively hiding themselves to the present day.

In the late 1800’s (during splendid isolation), the higher ups of the government created The Bureau of Anomalous Research Operations (BARO) in response to the growing concern of anomalous events in Britain. The Royalty that founded the Authority attempted to keep the Authority’s origins a secret from BARO and proceeded to destroy all files they could linking them, the Vatican and the Protestant GOI to the Authority’s creation. The Authority would only be discovered in 1903 by MI13, (the current Anomalous agency in the UK) due to the cover up of Authority meddling.

Wojny światowe:

The Imperial Defence Committee on discovering the Authority and MI13 in late 1903 secretly built up a decision to pass through parliament to nationalise the Authority and merge it with MI13 during its reorganisation in early 1904. The Board, in protest, broke all personal ties to the government and royal family to become independent.

Due to the split, the Authority started buying many fledgling industries and companies to fund themselves for the foreseeable future. This would be beneficial as WW1 started, with the Authority making massive profits from the war and using their ties in the industry to move all anomalies in predicted war zones to a fledgling site in the US (their first US site, named site-02).
With the end of the war and the League of Nations created, the Authority expands and is no longer connected exclusively to the British Empire, however Russia is giving no support to the Authority due to it’s revolution (records indicate that they never were, but who knows? There could have been a small window of time). During the Great Depression, the Authority is crippled with the value of money worsening, however recruitment skyrockets during this time. The Great Depression also helps the Authority establish multiple businesses to use as fronts (could've had a long term impact in helping end the Great Depression? Records unspecific).

With WW2, the Authority tries to keep anomalies in general hidden from the Nazi party, but Hitler's fascination with the occult eventually gets them discovered. Records indicate this occurred with the help of the Gestapo spying on known Authority assets. Due to The board declining to speak with Hitler on using anomalies, Hitler commanded Heinrich Himmler to create an Anomalous Agency for containing, researching and weaponising anomalies. This GOI was co-created by 3 other groups: The Ahnenerbe, which made up the scientific division, members of the Thule Society which made up the Occult division (known the the Black sun Division), and the German Branch of the Authority which went rogue to follow Hitler's vision in 1935 and used their expertise to make GARD a formidable opponent.

Predicting this split the Authority moved all remaining RPC’s that could be transported safely out of Europe. Many Gamma and Beta RPC's were left on site, leading to the Authority to eventually team up with the Allies in 1941 to reclaim their sites, either through providing men for the war effort, or using RPCs to cut a way through to their occupied sites (these 2 options were discussed, but which one was implemented is unknown). With the end of the war, GARD was officially dissolved but some splinter cells hang around to this day.

Zimna wojna:

During the Cold war, the Authority is missing some sites due to either the Nazi party's attempts to destroy them during the Allied advance and the establishing of the Iron Curtain. An agreement is made with Stalin allowing them to create their own GOI, and the Authority hand over all Eastern European sites to the Russian GOI.

The Authority is primarily self sustaining now, and they modernise everything during the technology race, Containment procedures, Military equipment, Covert operations and even begin using RPC’s for their benefit, creating the Theta Classification. They also heavily obscure or augment any history mentioning them, destroying any remaining evidence of their British and Vatican Origins, fabricating evidence to look like they crafted agreements with the British and Vatican back in those times.

They also made agreements regarding RPC’s with the newly created UNAAC in 1944, who continue on to certify Anomalous agencies in other countries in the 1945 International Anomalous Agreement. Only a few countries refused Authority help (Cuba, Chile and other countries run by Dictators during this time) and the US agreement being secretly broken to compete with the Soviet GOI, leaving the Authority to lose some support from the US (but they’re not exclusively hostile). McCarthyism also made Containment for U.S. RPC’s difficult with many citizens trying to connect/ the Authority and Anomalies back to Russia and with a few even trying to expose the Authority.

In the 70's, the Authority are able to establish their first Space site, Site-99. This would later in the decade be destroyed (records on what happened are redacted) and reconstruction on Site-99 would begin in the following decade and as of 2000, reconstruction is still ongoing.

In 1985, Gorbachev is elected leader of the USSR and allows western culture into the Soviet Union. The Authority uses this as an entry into the USSR and gains agreements with them, overtaking and merging with the Russian GOI.

With 1992 and the fall of the Soviet Union, they gain agreements with the reunified Germany and former individual Soviet Union states and satellite states. The US GOI is also dissolved due to ineffectiveness (maybe remade after 9/11, records unclear) and the Authority is given more freedom in the US. Any other countries previously closed also make agreements with the Authority.

Dodatek 1: Somehow, this draft keeps on updating itself. The section on the Roman Vanguard was rewritten to include the Greek division on 1/12/20█, and the ENTIRE section on Nucorp Industries just appeared yesterday. Request to designate this an RPC. — Badacz Hugo

Request denied. This poses no threat to the world at large and holds somewhat incriminating information. Everything written down we already know, unless it predicts Containment breaches, we can consider this a lesser anomaly. — DG-05

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