Foxtrot 4 Prey





Numerical Code: Foxtrot-04

Codename: Prey

Motto: Dum Vives Currere Potest Sine Pervenire Nusquam ("You can run your whole life, but not go anywhere")

Garrison/HQ: Site-017

Roles: Rapid Deployment, Containment and Retrieval, CBRN Specialist, Special Reconnaissance, and Direct Action

Established: September 29th, 1972

Description: Originally established as a special reconnaissance unit in 1972, Assault Mobile Specialized Team Foxtrot-04 has since expanded its internal divisions and adapted in other forms of environmental conditions throughout the years.

Primarily, AMST Foxtrot-04 focuses its tasking on rapid deployment in situations where anomalies require to be contained and retrieved following their discovery or initial containment breach within an Authority facility. While relatively moderate, AMST Foxtrot-04 has multiple response teams ranging stationed across the world on standby at all times.

Furthermore, the unit has specialized components to assist the overall mission of their tasks to ensure the confidence ratio remains high. (See Taskforce Composition)

Taskforce Composition

Task Force Officials:

  • Task Force Commander: Col. Abrams Hale
  • Task Force Coordinator: Maj. Arthur Nicholson
  • Chief Intelligence Liaison: Capt. Ana Macro
  • Director of Anomaly Containment: Dr. Nathaniel Donovan
  • Director of Elemental Support: Dr. Fredrick Richardson
  • Representative Internal Officer: 2nd Lt. Samantha Hastings

Primary Components:

  • Rapid Detachment Forces: +180
    • CIF Detachment-01, Naval Deployment Team: +45 Personnel
    • CIF Detachment-02, Ground Deployment Team: +45 Personnel
    • CIF Detachment-03, Air Deployment Team: +45 Personnel
    • CIF Detachment-04, CBRN Division: +45 Personnel
  • Elemental Support Division: +35 Personnel
  • Information Warfare Division: +52 Personnel

Secondary Components:

  • Air Operations Division: +60 Personnel, 8 MH-60M Blackhawk, 4 Boeing CV-22B Osprey, 4 MH-47G Chinook, 6 Eurocopter AAS-72X+.
  • Ground Operations Division: +80 Personnel, 15 Oshkosh M-ATV, 10 Interim Armored Vehicle Stryker, 24 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
  • Total Personnel: +410 Personnel


Standard Firearms

  • Combat Knife: Spartan-George V14 Combat Dagger
  • Pistol: Walther PK380
  • Rifle: Colt Canada C8SFW
  • Shotgun: Kel-Tec KSG
  • Sniper: Knight's Armament Company SR-25
  • Anti-Materiel: Barrett M82A3
  • Rocket Launcher: PanzerFaust 3-IT
  • Anti-Air Launcher: Stinger FIM-92J

Completed Operations

Containment Assignments


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