Marion Valérie Riviera




Dane biometryczne


One of the many theorized appearances used by Marion Riviera.

Imiona i nazwisko Marion Valérie Riviera

Pseudonimy: (Brak).

Powiązania: (Nieznane).

Miejsce urodzenia: Nicea, Francja

Data urodzenia: 18 października 1978 r.

Płeć: Kobieta

Rasa: Kaukaska

Wzrost: 170 cm

Waga: 54 kg

Kolor włosów: Blond

Kolor oczu: Brązowe

Historia edukacyjna:

  • Cours Molière (absolwentka)
  • Cours Florent (absolwentka)

Historia zawodowa:

  • Aktorka (1998-1999)
  • Kelnerka (1999-2001)
  • Agent polowy MI6 (2001-2004)
  • MDU X-Ray-6, operator kontrwywiadowczy (2004-2018)


Marion Valérie Riviera was born to Pierre Riviera and Ingrid Hlozek. Marion was sent to Cours Molière where she lost all contact with her parents since she was 6 years old. Until now, no record of Mr. and Mrs. Riviera was found.

Marion was later raised by a foster family of Mr. and Mrs. Lynden. Marion was reported by her foster parents as "a very eager actress". Mrs. Lynden added that Marion was very passionate about acting and that she is "a skilled liar".

Marion demonstrates an exceptional skill in method acting as witnessed by six thousand French citizens when she played in her first public drama in the ████ ██████ ████ Festival. She was later hired as a leading actor for the ███████ TV show. However, the show was canceled after one season due to bad reviews.

While looking for a new acting job, Marion worked as a waitress in the █████ cafe located in Paris, France. She was later recruited by the MI6 British Intelligence Agency in recommendation after an agent witnessed her skill in method acting. Marion was later assigned to infiltrate the National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) disguised as a [REDACTED].

Marion successfully retrieved multiple attack plots on France and several chemicals and electronic components necessary to build IEDs. However, Marion failed to prevent 2 of the █ planned attacks on 20 July 2003.

Marion found a rather successful career as an intelligence field agent for approximately 3 years. On ██/██/2014, Marion was given a proposal to transfer to the Authority MST X-Ray-6 "Annullifiers" in the Counterintelligence Division.

During her first years, Marion demonstrated exceptional ability to stay undercover for extended periods of time and act as a sleeper agent. Marion was involved in many operations including gathering the intel for the attacking squadron during Operation Nightstalker involving the Church of Malthus GoI.

However, recently in 2018, Marion was suspected of insubordination and treachery while colluding with the late Site Director Jacobs. Marion was directly linked to the █████ Ireland-based mafia after one of the members confirmed that she had done some work for the mafia and insubordinately assassinated ████ ████████.

Marion later extricated from the Authority on ██/██/████ and is now currently in hiding.

Further Information

Psychological Evaluation

Thematic Apperception Test:

  • Defense Mechanisms Manual (5/5)
  • Social Cognition and Object Relations (5/5)
  • Personal Problem-Solving System—Revised (5/5)
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