Romeo 7 Suited Gentlemen




Numerical Name: Romeo-7

Codename: Suited Gentlemen

Motto: The suit is mightier then the sword.

Garrisoned Site: Site-038

Task Force Priorities: CQB Combat, Crowd Control, Asset Retrieval.

Established: 19th December, 1860

Description: Comprised mostly of former elite tactical unit operatives from urban environments. Romeo-7 predominately operates in metropolitan regions, where operatives retrieve assets or undertake combat roles.


Agent █████, photographed 03/11/2008.

Due to the increasing industrialization and subsequent urbanisation of Europe, as well as the most significant intelligence breach of the 1850s and the loss of support from 18 nations caused from the failure of Operation [DATA EXPUNGED]1, it was determined that the formation of a Mobile Security Team dedicated to operating within urban areas was necessary.

The usefulness of Romeo-7 was quickly established during the Gaeta crisis, provoked due to the refusal of both the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Kingdom of Italy to extract Authority assets and personnel in Gaeta2during the Siege of Gaeta. Romeo-7 was successful in extracting all 80 personnel of Site-248-OL within 60 hours through various methods, with either the use of forged documents and bribery or through intimidation of local forces being the most successful.

Romeo-7 was initially garrisoned across various Authority Sites, operating within urban centers within Europe and the United States. However, with the increased levels of urbanization in Eastern Asia during the 1960s, as well as the increasing relevance of the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects within the global anomalous community, Romeo-7 was transferred to █████, Japan in 1972. Romeo-7 was subsequently relocated to Site-038 in 1984 and continues to oversee the conflicts between the PCAAO and other regional entities.

As Romeo-7 predominately operates within densely populated areas, it is not uncommon for Romeo-7 to be equipped with battledresses of local police tactical units or even two-piece suits. As a result, Romeo-7 has gained the nickname "Suited Gentlemen" within the Authority.

Taskforce Composition

Task Force Officials

  • Anomaly Identification Director: Agent Harrison Carter
  • Task Force Commander: Col. Antonie Delak
  • Anomaly Retrieval Director: Det. Misaki Yukinaga
  • Infantry Division Director: Maj. Franklin Cheng
  • Surveillance Division Director: Dr. Andy Wong

Task Force Personnel

  • Anomaly Identification Operatives: 25
  • Anomaly Retrieval Operatives: 23
  • Infantry Operatives: 220
  • Confidential Operatives: 199
  • Surveillance Division Personnel: 36
  • Total Personnel: 423


Standard Firearms

  • Pistol: Glock-17/Glock-19
  • Submachine Gun: H&K MP5/H&K MP7
  • Rifle: SIG Sauer SIG516/H&K G36/SR-16
  • Shotgun: Mossberg 590/Remington 870
  • Sniper: Remington 700
  • Surveillance: Nucorp 10mm Fisheye Lapel Pin Camera/HuiHeng SJ9000 Action Camera
  • Communications: Nucorp "The Thing" Shortwave Watch Microphone/AGM X2 Smartphone

Assigned RPCs


Retrieved RPCs


Completed Missions

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