Rejestr MDU

Rejestr MDU

Over the course of history, there have been numerous taskforces established to protect the Authority and to perform their duties for greater purposes. Whether it be a military taskforce, research taskforce, or a containment task force, there have always been the need for the best of the best. Mobile Specialized Teams, or MST, are a taskforce that vary in terms of field, size, and overall functionality. While many Mobile Specialized Teams have been created and disbanded over the course of time, there are a few MSTs that have been recognized as a vital asset to the Authority's operational security.

To see a list of Mobile Specialized Teams, see list of all MSTs.


MST Alpha-1 ("Angels Of Eden")

The Angels of Eden is the Authority's answer to super soldiers. Stronger, faster, and all around better than the normal soldier, the Angels are called in on only the most dangerous missions and are very rarely ever assigned to long-term containment given their small supply and high demand.


MST Echo-13 ("Charlie's Anglers")

Charlie's Anglers is a squad composed of strike teams trained to excel in aquatic, urban, and aerial missions. Individuals enhanced through genetic manipulation head all units and are interspersed as highly specialized agents. Placed offshore Site-16's location, Charlie's Anglers are assigned to all NA missions within Authority jurisdiction space.


MST Foxtrot-4 ("Prey")

When it comes to asset recovery Foxtrot-4 is the number one choice. Trained to operate in all manner of enviroments Foxtrot-4 was formed to specifically recover lost anomalous objects. Foxtrot-4 units are deployed all over the world and are always on call prepared to hunt down their target asap.


MST Hotel-1 ("Highlanders")

The Highlanders are a prime example of a standard Authority Mobile Strike Team that have gone above and beyond. They have exemplified themselves as the fastest and most talented response team in the Authority. Whether it's happening next door or halfway across Europe, The Highlanders will be the first out the door and the first on location to scout and contain.

MST Romeo-1 ("Suited Gentlemen")

When it comes to urban operations, Romeo-7 excels. Made up of agents specifically trained to operate in urban enviroments, Romeo-7 is the first choice when it comes to undercover ops and anomalous object retrieval. If there is a situation within an urban location Romeo-7 will be first on the scene.


MST Sierra-8 ("Sundowners")

Be it internal corruption, murder, smuggling, treachery or tracking down on a potential RPC, the Sundowners will investigate as soon as they receive the order. Composed of the top detectives from around the world, the Sundowners might just be the best detective squad on the face of the Earth.


MST X-Ray-6 ("Annulifers")

The Annulifers are the Authority's best and brightest when it comes to info control. Made up of some of the greatest members of the Authority Intelligence Agency, the Annullifers make use of one of the authorities greatest weapons: information. Whether it be espionage, interrogation, or HVT Assassination the Annulifers are prepared.

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