Siły Bezpieczeństwa Autorytetu

Siły Bezpieczeństwa Autorytetu


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The Authority Security Force (ASF) is the military wing of the Authority specializing in the containment of anomalies, security of facilities and personnel, and coordination of intelligence. All Authority-affiliated sites, mobile command centers, and listening stations are provided their respective garrisons to safeguard against potential internal and external threats. All inquiries and requests pertaining to the ASF and its activities are to be processed through central command.


Szef ochrony Placówki 063 podczas przeprowadzania ćwiczeń z niedawno rozdysponowanymi członkami SBA.

Opis: The Authority Security Force (ASF) serves as the first line of defense within numerous Authority installations, being able to rapidly organize and respond to isolated or site-wide situations, including containment, facility, and security breaches. While the majority of ASF duties are restricted to domestic settings, personnel may be periodically transferred (or request a transfer) to participate in field operations alongside MST units (Individual Augmentee (IA) program).

Training of recruits (also known as the Authority Induction Program (AIP)) encompasses a period of nine months. During the initial three months, recruits will undergo several sessions of physical conditioning, weapons training, and coordination of logistics under the guidance of an experienced instructor and two assisting personnel. For the remaining six months, recruits will then begin the advanced phase of the induction program and begin development of various technical skills, including: advanced first aid, demolitions, and suppression tactics. Upon completion, graduating recruits will be provided their assigned locations proceeded by deployment.

Once deployed, personnel will be processed, equipped, and briefed by the presiding security administrator and assigned a pre-determined designation highlighting area of occupation:

  • IB-100: Basic Security Rotation
  • IB-130: Base Logistics
  • IB-230: Security Hub
  • IB-235: IVT-Class Compliance
  • IB-280: Low-Level Containment
  • IB-325: Hazardous Materials
  • IB-400: Intake
  • IB-430: High-Level Containment

Członkowie SBA wystrzeliwujący pocisk balistyczny w kierunku pozycji zajmowanej przez Kościół Malthusa w czasie zamachu na Placówkę 091.

Following assignment, personnel will then be placed under a probationary period where an experienced staff member (a non-commissioned officer) will assist and observe in the performance of said personnel. Probationary periods for low-priority assignments (IB-100 through 280) will proceed for a total of two weeks, whereas high-priority assignments (IB-325 through 400) will extend to four weeks. Due to the extremely hazardous environment of IB-430, only experienced/veteran personnel are permitted assignment under the exception of periods where additional manpower is required.1


Mobilizacja członków SBA przed rozpoczęciem rutynowego patrolu perymetru Placówki 112.

Personnel exhibiting meritorious service within the ASF may be marked for eligibility in entering the Non-Commissioned Officer Induction Course (NCOIC) to progress in rank, and will undergo further development of leadership and logistics training as well as observation of probationary and full-time personnel, with each level varying in difficulty from Sergeant through Sergeant Major. Non-commissioned officers may additionally be selected to participate within the Commissioned Officer Development Program (CODP), and, upon completion, be provided a commission to become an officer within the ASF.

Individual ASF garrisons typically consist of a battalion-sized detachment (1,000-1,200 personnel), whereas select facilities, such as mobile command centers and listening stations, instead contain a company-sized detachment (150-200 personnel).

All ASF personnel adhere to a centralized command structure. Individual installations will typically consist of senior commissioned officers serving as regional administrators in order to observe the organization, morale, and performance of garrisoned units. Administrative positions may be altered or extended under authority of central command. All ASF activities and operations are additionally subject to central command overview.

Wyposażenie: All ASF personnel utilize the following equipment pertaining to Authority standards as of ██/██/20██.

  • FN SCAR-SC; chambered 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition.
  • FN Five-Seven; chambered SS195LF 5.7x28mm ammunition.
  • Ares-Shrike 5.56; chambered 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition (squad support).
  • Mossberg 590; chambered 12 gauge (squad support).
  • M40A5 sniper rifle; chambered 7.62x51mm NATO (watchtower/reconnaissance).
  • XREP baton rounds (in development, distribution in progress).
  • Self-Defense X26P taser.
  • M67 fragmentation hand grenades.
  • M84 stun grenades.
  • Flexible restraints.
  • M50 gas mask.

All issued equipment is catalogued and registered under their respective serial number. ASF personnel are ultimately responsible for the maintenance, functionality, and completeness of said equipment upon conclusion of their deployment.

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